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In Memory of: C64

Per i nostalgici del C64 (e sono tanti credetemi), ecco il primo messaggio apparso su USENET in cui si faceva sua menzione:


Newsgroup: net.micro
Da: doug@sri-unix
Data: Sat Aug 21 02:18:24 1982
Locale: Sab 21 Ago 1982 02:18
Oggetto: Commodore 64 – A New Computer

Any opinions on the new Commodore 64 computer.  I’ve seen it and it
looks pretty neat.

(i)     it comes with 64K of memory standard
(ii)    in highest graphics resolution it has 320 X 200 pixels.
In lower resolutions you can display 16 colors
simultaneously, but the number of simultaneous colors
goes down with increased resolution.
(iii)   it uses a version of sprite graphics
(iv)    it has a cheap plug in telephone modem (only 40 characters
per row)
(v)     it uses 6510 (like 6502 but with extra I/O ports) and will
have a plug-in Z80 option.
(vi)    it has a synthesizer built in with three voices, each can
play over 9 octaves in a variety of waveforms with different
attacks, decays, etc.
(vii)   it lists for $595 but can be bought for less (at American
of Madison, for example!).  Magazines were offering it
for as little as $479 but are not coming thru.  It seems
that Commodore has forbidden mail order firms from
dealing in the 64.
(viii)  it uses the same Microsoft BASIC as the PET.  They say
they will have Pascal for it soon.

Doug Lerner




e quello di risposta …….


Newsgroup: net.micro
Da: watmath!bstempleton
Data: Sun Aug 22 01:42:56 1982
Locale: Dom 22 Ago 1982 01:42
Oggetto: Re: Commodore 64 – A New Computer

Yes, I have had a Comodore 64 for some time now.  It was given to me
by Commodore people so I can put some software up on it.  Let me
also say I am impressed with the machine:
– It has a nice keyboard, well laid out with two different control keys. 
  (ie. a META key if you like)
– It’s real small and sits on your lap nice.  The WHOLE computer does.
– The sound synthesizer and video chip specs are impressive.
– The colour definition is fairly good.
– It lacks software right now.  The built in BASIC doesn’t have statements 
  for any of the fancy hardware features, even for getting at the extra 
  areas of memory.  It will run all ‘MAX’ cartridges.  The MAX is commodore’s 
  new micro for the very low end game market, designed to go below even the 
  VIC and compete with home video gaems.
At $600 for 64K in the USA, I expect we’ll see a lot of these.



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